Being a small business owner is tough! 

You simply can’t do it all.


Did you know?? 

20% of small businesses fail in their first year

30% of small business fail in their second year

50% of small businesses fail after five years in business

30% of small business owners fail in their 10th year in business


I help small businesses develop policies and protocols to streamline processes, increase revenue, and ensure compliance; this is something I find many small businesses often lack. Getting the customer is GREAT – maintaining the customer is BETTER!


Ask yourself this?


Does your business have policies in place? What are your terms and conditions? If you were sued what protection do you have? What is your customer service policy? Who handles your Human Resources? How is your brand to survive without you? Is your team a good fit for you? 


We're here to help you! 


Packages are listed below:

Select services are specific to business industries

and suggestions will be made after initial consultation.

** Please be advised KylaNicole offers 1 complimentary consult and 1 complimentary reschedule. 

Without a 24 hr notifcation of a reschedule, your next appt will serve as a scheduled paid consult & that fee will be applied to your overall service!**

*I'm BIG time package*

Investment starts at $8,500.00

This package caters to KylaNicole performing all things HR for your business – while providing the same services as the (all 4 packages below) in addition - our company will perform up to 5 of these services for your company: Filter resumes for hiring, handle termination documents, voluntary benefits (state specific), perform background checks, moral clauses, we also build in 2 team builder activities to ensure employee morale remains high up to 6 months! This is a comprehensive package that minimizes your exposure to liabilities and ensures you’re attaining quality talent and remain competitive as a small business owner!


*I've been werking package*

Investment starts at $5,500.00

This package is for the business owner that's been on and they're ready to outsource, hire, delegate, or need a general review of what they already have! As a business owner, the foundation is key. This package includes the*In business NOW package(up to 3 additional items) with specific state and federal guidelines. You are able to add up to 4 of these desired needs for your business: terms and conditions for your customized products/services, voluntary benefits, (state specific), hiring and firing processes, pre-screening and asset protection. Having this package ensures you’re ready to expand and hire a team to work for you! This package also provides 45 days of partnership to ensure your foundation is strong and nothing arises along the way.


*In business NOW package*

Investment starts at $3,000.00

This is for the business owner that's new - but have been in business long enough to know - somethings have to change! This package is a custom package dedicated to the business owner's need. This package includes the*Starter package and up to 3 additional items such as: The standard operating agreement (SOP), job descriptions, procedural terms, fee adjustments (per market place), fraud & chargeback guidelines, and or an employee handbook.


*Starter Package*

Investment starts at $1500.00

This package is for the beginner business owner! You've got your LLC and now what? This package includes: email response templates, review of basic business policies such as: Refund policies, general terms and conditions, cancellation policies, overview of potential job descriptions, business operation procedures, basic pricing overview, shipping policies, and website review etc. It's great for the business owner on a budget and one that desires quality protection and great customer service!   

** Able to modify two items**


Remember those questions we asked you earlier? Those are questions that WE provide answers to! With an extensive background in law, policies, and contracts, KylaNicole has a wealth of knowledge on how to strategically develop a profitable business from a policy approach. It’s important that your brand has operating procedures, job descriptions, strategic plans, and protections in case legalities arise. It is equally important that your business has a team that engages, ad enjoys working with and for you. We here understand that a business family is important and can make or break the atmosphere. We here at KylaNicole will help you not only cultivate the atmosphere, but will make sure the team or staff you have in place is trained, effective, and ready to operate your brand with your vision in mind. Specializing in start up and business with 3- 100 employees – KylaNicole can ensure your business is effective, protected, and thrives with purpose!


Ala Cart services available (customization) and flexible payment arrangements – must keep card on file

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