Being is tough!

I get's hard to be ALL the things. 

So what do I do? What a great question. This is the best part of my day - educating others on what it is that I REALLY do..  I publish, produce, and provoke - that’s me! 


For starters - I am a perspective giver - I provide dope perspective for others to make an informed decision across all their spaces. Whether personal or professional — I provide people with perspective that WILL change the trajectory of their life..  I do a lot of things but of all things — perspective is where it’s at.. If you are sent to me - we work, and your perspective WILL never be the same! 


Next, I write dope books + blogs that do that thing above (change perspective), I publish amazing books for new and current authors and teach them how to profit, personalize, and produce results with their books. 


Lastly, I help business owners solidly, retain, redirect, and clarify the heart of their business concerning Customer Service, Human Resources, Policy formation, Team trainings, and more! I ensure business owners build great rapport and morale with thier customers and employees to leave lasting impressions.  We do this through strategy, organization,and implementation while providing a dope experience so we can continue to flip the coin with integrity!


Sometimes that’s done via coaching - sometimes, that’s a partnership and sometimes that’s just a call.


We're here to help!

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Packages are listed below:

Select services are specific to business industries

and suggestions will be made after initial consultation.

Prices subject to change depending on client's needs.

** Please be advised KylaNicole offers 1 complimentary consult and 1 complimentary reschedule. 

Without a 24 hr notifcation of a reschedule, your next appt will serve as a scheduled paid consult & that fee will be applied to your overall service!**

Coaching Packages 

1:1, Group Coaching, Video Coaching - We offer weekly sessions or monthly sessions. 

1:1 Investment starts at $1,500.00

Group + Video Coaching Investment starts at $597.00

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Publishing Packages

Investment starts at $3,500.00

We offer two publishing packages and al la cart services. 

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KylaNicole Services 

Speaking + Panels 

Investment starts at $250.00 

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