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Let KylaNicole teach and empower you and your team! I enjoy empowering and educating men, women and youth of all ages on personal and business matters! Whether it’s overcoming trauma, adding new policies or discussing communication and legal matters KylaNicole is here to teach you! As a subject matter expert, I would love to speak at your next event or training class.


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KylaNicole Current Classes & Workshops


 I have a ton of entrepreneurs friends or those that desire to have a business. One thing I love about entrepreneurs is the ability to create a solution to a problem! 


What I notice about my entrepreneur colleagues is that - getting money and clients is the focus and although this is necessary-

You have to know how to maintain and run your business to stay in business. 


This year - I’m offering a 5 week class that will teach you: 


  • How to set up your human resource/ business policies for your company 

  • How to make effective job descriptions

  • ​How to effectively implement customer service responses, templates, etc. 

  • ​Discuss and decide what benefits are essential for you and or your staff

  • ​How to screen and how your company job functions should operate etc. 

  • ​When to automate your business 

  • ​What’s the deal with taxes anyway and why policies are essential 

  • ​Do you have a business or a hobby

And more! 

This applies for ANY industry. 


What separates you from another small business are the foundation policies in place. Of course we want to make money - but quality, customer service, attraction, retention, and competitiveness is critical to the survival of your business. You may not think this is needed, however, ask any entrepreneur that’s grossing 6-figures or more & they’ll tell you YOU need systems, policies, and procedures. 


I understand everyone can’t afford to hire a policy or human resource aid so let’s learn how to do that so you can maximize your earnings in 2020!   


Total Investment: $450.00

Deposit Required: $75.00 

Email - Business@drkylanicole.com for additional questions


KylaNicole Coaching for the Coaches


Ready for the next level?

It's hard aspiring to be a FT entrepreneur. It's even harder starting a coaching business and not having much guidance as you navigate into what seems to be an overs-saturated market. 

So what do you do?


I have the solution - I am honored to offer a 90 day program that is designed to take you through your journey to being the best coach you can be! 


In this program we will cover areas such as:


  • Personalized business models

  • Certified coaching certificate (as needed) 

  • Social media templates

  • Social media schedules

  • Personal hashtags

  • Target audience

  • Personal accountability goals

  • How to pitch yourself

  • How to start your company (LLC, S-Corp, INC etc.) 

  • Client Policy/Documents and More! 


Investment: $1,145.00

*Ask about our flexible payment policy*

Email - Info@drkylanicole.com for additional info!


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** Please be advised KylaNicole offers 1 complimentary consult and 1 complimentary reschedule. 

Without a 24 hr notifcation of a reschedule, your next appt will serve as a scheduled paid consult & that fee will be applied to your overall service!**