Just one of those days..

This morning I woke up with hella stuff on my mind. I mean, isn’t that typical? Of course, it is and if anyone says it’s not – they LIED. But I woke up on one of those days and things clicked – it was a defining moment where all the lines connected, and I got busy with my life. I decided that I would become what

I preached and not simply just practice it. You see, often we want to control everything but ourselves.

We desire to dictate, vocalize, provide feedback, and even offer some form of obligation to hold others to what is often a trait that we won’t do for ourselves. That’s deep, right? Still don’t get it? In a nutshell, we want what we won’t produce. I find that people spend much of their life accountable to everything

but themselves and one another. Meanwhile, those that understand these types of concepts or embrace this form of thinking thrive in most life situations. Why is that? Could it be because they’re an advocate of doing opposed to being? Or is it that they’ve discovered that in order for you to obtain the level of success you desire, one must be accountable to their weakest trait. They must discipline themselves in task, decide what’s important to their life, and destroy the laissez faire thinking that leaves them behind the curve instead of ahead.

I know you’re like – girl, what are you talking about? Ain’t nobody go time for all this philosophical thinking at whatever time of the day you’re in reading this LOL! Ok, fine, in a practical sense you got to get moving and you can’t be out here expecting life to give you what you hadn’t invested in. Folks work hard

for the results they see. PERIOD. Nothing happens overnight, honestly, by the time you see it – someone has been grinding for decades! Think about that – decades of hearing no, the pure exhaustion, more irritation than you can imagine, failures that never turned into success and ONE Day BOOM! It was just, one of those days. Many are out here looking for the BIG BOOM and the ONE DAY, but have yet to count the days they’ve NOT sowed into the days. It’s a piss pore mentality honestly, and a high level of entitlement to THINK that your BOOM will occur before you’ve well, really done enough to make it go


What does this look like? How do you make it go BOOM? – One day, everything clicks after you’ve sown into your future – after you’ve invested in your personal growth and development. After you’ve disciplined yourself enough to handle all the things you’re praying for. It comes once you’ve created healthy boundaries, relationships, and have the disposition to receive your No’s just like your Yes’s. One of those days will come when you’re ready to cut anything out that would cost you – YOU. NOT your money. I mean cost you your values, morals, peace, mindset etc. That’s the magical time – that’s when it happens. SO TODAY – ask yourself, am I ready? IF so, then I promise you - it’s on the way. It needs to catch up with the natural times. If your answer is No, I’m not ready – get ready. Don’t play small. Cut out the noise. Exit things or people that don’t serve you – and walk in your level of confidence. The BOOM is attracted to how you carry yourself and how you navigate through the journey to the reality of the dream. Believe that the people, resources, ideas, steps, and strategy is IN YOU – just draw it out and watch one of those days -be the day of change!

Until next time..


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