Let’s try this again… 2021…

Here we are 2021.. I intentionally waited to write this blog the day after Jan 1. Of course, Had other content but nothing speaks to me more than ‘in the moment.” It’s funny, I am a writer and as I write this, there is still a level of anxiousness that makes my palms sweaty! Maybe because it’s been so long but it would be remiss of me to NOT write a dear 2021 blog..

We can acknowledge the new but we must not dismiss the past. I mean, it really was only 2 days ago, right? 2 days ago, we were all experiencing 2019 vibes with 2020 haunting us. Most folks hadn’t recovered from 2019 before 2020 struck with its lightening bolt that left many stunned and cleaning up the mess for at least 6 months. I, for one, am still thinking on it. There were great moments in 2020 but also daunting ones too. Some of 2020 created great excitement while other moments felt like I was gasping for air. Everyone coped differently. Everyone felt it. Everyone did the best they could. Some pivoted. Some caved. Some did nothing, while some did it all.

For me, I fell somewhere in between of it all. There were moments that I didn’t know if I was coming or going while other moments I forced myself to do something other than nothing! So here we are.. a new year. New plans, goals, ideas, and READY to start FRESH! So let’s do that. Think of 2021 as a year of redemption, a time to refresh and a time to produce and in some cases plant. I decided I would “command” my year! I said it won’t be anything other than a time to Redeem memories that were lost in the sauce. A Refreshing time for my family and friends as we renew one another’s spirit. A Prosperous time where I invite increase in and sit with the harvest for the work I’ve done and will do and a time where I will dominate in EVERY space I’m in (Godly & Safely) without cursing or crushing anyone in my path. I will create a safe place for truth, transparency, and transitions as we all need that.

I decided to take some time to LIVE in my truth and redefine my brand! The inner work - for so long I’ve done the outer work, I’ve simply followed the formula of “being” and in some cases that’s natural to deal with the things that go 100miles an hour. However, things eventually slow down (by choice or force) and you have to roll with it. So here we are 2021.. with more plans that a little, more ideas to pitch, more relationships to be had, and NOW we get to TRY again..

For everyone and anyone that some point became stuck, sad, devastated, sad, ruined, afraid, or encountered challenges last year this is just as much for you as those that experienced great success, laughter, love, made incredible memories, banked HEAVY dollars just as much as it is for those that fall somewhere in between — the message is the same for each of us — Believe in YOU! Believe in the miracles that await you! Restore your hope in the idea that you’ve NOT been forgotten or lost or left out.. Think of 2021 with Intention, Wisdom, Knowledge & Knowledge. Build schedules, habits, routines, and think BIG! Think of what you’re building and trying to maintain and ask yourself what you can do outside of YOU!

I think it’s time we get back to the basic things…the things that matter the most.. purpose, people, and solutions to massive problems. Isn’t that why we started to begin with?

Revamp your 2021 mission statements, policies, goals, and anything else that takes you BACK to your heart moments.. Throw the fame and money out - and focus on the problem you’re solving in the world and for the people….

That takes us back to Impact!

We can do this - let's believe for 365 days of straight bliss!