Say what you want.. but..

How many times can I make a comeback? I used to feel so bad for starting and stopping. My inconsistencies used to take me underneath the floor. I would always give myself a hard time thinking or knowing that folks were going to see me and think, how inconsistent is she? Why does she start and stop and how many times can one do this before we X her out! I literally would pray to God to give me the tenacity to just keep going, especially as it related to business and social media. Then, one day.. I just said – alright, I got it and got moving.. That day, my entire attitude changed. Although I sat on it for months, I knew I was changing. I was no longer about me – I was really about the people. Thus brought on my – I don’t care attitude.

Now, I care, but really – I could care less. That’s it.. that’s the message. I simply stopped caring about the opinions, thoughts, demands, etc. and when I did, the Lord brought all sorts of clarity to me. You see, anytime you move with the benefit of self – it’ll always be short lived. People can not sustain you. They can’t push or propel you; they can only provide what is already in YOU to do. Like, no one can motivate me – like me. They can support me – but they can’t “force” me to do the work that will sustain me. In all honesty, I don’t even know that they can motivate me – because if I am motivated by them, when they leave, turn away, shame me. etc. I will walk away, carry that shame, and allow them to impact my confidence; which, is a direct recipe for failure. Whew! If you’re looking to fail at just about anything – look towards man – it’s a quick and fast way to run down a rabbit hole while throwing all your dreams out the window.

I think ultimately, one must consider all the ways, thoughts, and options they NEED to thrive. Then they should begin to dismantle each one that doesn’t start with – I want to do…. I can.. I will… I am.. etc. This is the ONLY way your reinvent of self will work. Why? Because no plan can ensue until a decision has been made. Good or bad – one must decide, what do they want and need out of life, business, and thier relationships. Otherwise, it’s all talk. Finding success in your new space will require you to have an “I don’t care attitude” Within reason of course, because contrary to what you think, you have to listen to someone.

(That’s another blog for another time)

Success doesn’t have an expected date – but it has a blueprint. It’s rooted in your daily habits. Your conversations. The essence of who they are. If we dig deeper – really, it is your thinking that will have you seeing results or aiding to your failure. Mindset is key. I truly believe that we come to a point within ourselves where we must decide left or right. The mind that you’ve either nurtured or ignored will be your deciding factor. It’ll make or break you. Much of your decision will be based off your life moments and experiences and the responses you’ve had to them. Always remember that. Your ability to pivot in your mind is the greatest attribute you can possess. For me, I can say it’s worked well. Of course, not without consequences, struggle, or even the desire to quit in defining moments. But, I kept going – and you will and can too!

Growth is inevitable – we can’t skip it and we can’t bypass it – even in moments where you refuse or don’t want to grow – you’re either going to grow or wilt away and die. We must reinvent ourselves every chance we get too, because to me, that change is associated with the future self you’ll thank yourself for later. We can and should reinvent ourselves at all stops and should never get tired of changing.

I want you to make a conscious effort to grow – pull out all shots and take 3 things, 2 areas, and some situations where you KNOW You need to grow and GROW.. Get over the hump – do yourself a favor and BE GREAT beyond what you or they say. BE great when no one is looking too.

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