Silence Is Golden, Don't You Think?

I don't know about you but I've made a shocking discovery! Every time something major approaches, I get all sorts of distractions. I find myself dealing with things I wouldn't usually and I begin to look for ways to solve issues that I've never had! It is so frustrating. I can remember a time when I would call everyone I knew just to get some encouragement, a confirmation, or want feedback anyway that i could get it. Then one day, I learned about silence. I am not talking about hiding, or coping. I mean being silent to process. Being silent to hear, and being silent to determine whether or not, growth is among you.

Needless to say, I realized not long ago, that I grew! That's fun right - yeah! What's awesome is that the growth took place when I wasn't watching. Obviously, i was sleeping and incredibly silent. In times of great struggle, I find that I am so quite. I am so irritated too! However, I began to realize that it's okay to be silent. People ask all day, what's wrong, are you okay?, what's new? The expectation is that we're going to handle it and provide some form of explanation. Except  we don't have too! Sometimes, silence is golden!

I used to believe that spilling every inch of my life and providing details would some how justify my lack of or appease the people! IT DOESN'T !! SO, why not find a place of peace and rest. Why not figure out your next move and not announce it. Understand this: in the real world, no one is walking around expecting you to always announce, explain, or appease. Truthfully, those extremely concerned about your life may have some issues of their own!  I learned long ago that most don't care! We have to stop getting a place where we are trying to appease, explain, satisfy, or impress people who don't matter and don't care about the progression of your life!

Take your time to be silent. Take your time to enjoy your own space, and take your time before blabbing your new, new! Share with your loved ones, and enjoy your silence!



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