Top 5 Things I WON'T Be Taking Into 2019!

Whew! We did that!

Welcome 2019..

I must say it’s good to be back! By that I mean, I got so busy and away from my first love, that I felt off all year. For me, that love is and has always been writing. It’s my passion and my voice.. 2018 was exhausting and seemingly trying for so many, including myself, and honestly, it's a good thing it is a thing of the past now!

In 2019, I am committed to taking new habits, strategies, and honesty just not the same old foolery from last year. I always say, I learned a lot in my past - but still managed to do the same things! This year won’t be like that - I can’t say what the year will be like, other than what I’ve projected (goodness, prosperity, faithfulness, etc.) however, I can say what the year won’t be like.. WHY? Because I did enough WRONG to finally get it right.

I am filled with emotions and although I am sure we’re all on a head high - here are the TOP 5 things, I WON’T be taking with me into the year.

Negative energy and thoughts - Most times, we’re hard on ourselves and we invite the negativity in with our mindset. This year I challenge you ALL to keep your head CLEAR! Don’t be your worst enemy and stay away from people that mean you NO good.. You know who they are too. Anyone that leaves you exhausted and offers no reciprocity in your world - Let them Go!

Procrastination - I can honestly say, I got away from me last year. I BELIEVE in self care- but there is a difference between self care and procrastination. I feel like procrastinating can be mistaken for laziness or massive excuses! Sometimes, I would find myself just sitting around scrolling on social media when I KNOW I need to be doing something! This year - I am committed to getting back on it. Losing the attitude, entitlement, thinking I got it or made it and getting back to it.

Excuses - Oh, I made so many.. God, knows I did.. Just an excuse for EVERYTHING! NO MORE! I just refuse to remain average and honestly - excuses make you just that! AVERAGE. I challenge you all to AVOID making excuses and get it done! You know where you compromise at so don’t.

Everyone else’s advice - This year, I am going with the ideology that “I can DO ANYTHING” I want or put my mind to. SIMPLE! I will not be taking this person, that person, they mom, and dad etc. advice from all these sources that DON”T really know my unique situation. Life, business, brands, etc. are different for us all. Ultimately, we have to learn to listen and trust ourselves! This is the year of TRUTH. You will see what you put in and put out.

Complaining - We all do it - and honestly, it slows us down! For me, I found myself complaining much more than I should be. My LIFE Is good.. Legit, sweet but still.. I complained about a lot. I asked for my life to be full, busy, successful and prosperous so - how can I complain about any of it? This year - I am embracing me and my season. I am embracing my life, and taking my breaks as needed. I have to do something each day that pushes me closer to my end goal. This year - complain less and do more! I promise you we’re going to see results in ways that we can’t imagine!

So here it is.. I am back.. It feels good.. Thank your listening to me.. Thank you for rocking with me! Cheers to a Happy New Year. Much love, peace, success, and fruitfulness!

Your biggest fan,


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