What a time to be BLACK!

The Black Experience

I am super excited to kick off Black History month -not only because I’m BLACK, but because the month marks the start of a new era for me! I am EXPLORING my BLACK with each one of you! Kicking off my new season of Pause & Press Play Podcast - dropping some videos about my BLACK experience & uplifting my people is such a blessing to me! For a long time I have searched and worked on making sure my black was enough! This journey has taught me that each our black journey's are powerful, inspiring, and jam packed with perspectives and lessons.

Being a black women in 2021 is wild. We are and have been the mothers of America for a long time- we carry a lot on our shoulders. We are brilliant, magical, innovative, resilient, wonderful and so much more. No matter what life throws at us - we continue to rise above the smoke! I love being me - I love being a woman, and I love being BLACK.. Don’t get me wrong - being black comes with “stuff,” stuff that many don’t understand in depth but often judge from afar. Let's not even add womanhood, motherhood, work culture and all that jazz because I know ya'll know that those details add another layer to being black and it's an entire different fight. Think about it - we carry the weight of the world, we’re the glue for most of our family members, we’re the go-to in our relationships - in fact, most of us feel like we’re ALWAYS being pulled in a variety of different directions and are always on even when we're OFF. We have to decipher who’s who - what’s what - and it often leaves us feeling exhausted and liberated at the same time.. Whew! I don’t know about ya’ll, but that’s how it is for me.. Oh and I’ll add having to work out and maintain a social life, drink enough water and mind your business and manners... HUNTY!! This life here is a beast, I wouldn't change it for anything!

My GOAL is to DAILY remind myself that I CAN do this LIFE and you CAN too! This experience isn’t just my experience -it’s many of ours and I want you to take the ride with me because there are layers to how I view my life and I want to know how you view yours too! I want to build you up, make you laugh, help shed some hidden tears, and bring JOY to your BLACK experience. I want to celebrate our differences and share my heart. We're going to have conversations about our differences.. So here we go.. Cheers to a podcast a week, cheers to a blog post a week, cheers to some thought provoking videos, and soon - you'll get to read more in depth about it in my book - "The Day I Woke Up Black" This is such a dope time!!

Please enlighten me - how has being black shaped you? Share your greatest BLACK moment!

Drop your thoughts below so we can chat!


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