What's new with you?

OMG! Here I am asking what's new with you - while I share what's new with me. Every year we start off with the new us, you know new year new me. Or new year who dis? Or the New Year resolutions etc. I've found that until we make some concrete decisions - NOTHING will be NEW.. the truth is, everything will indeed remain the same if the changes don't start with you! So, cheer's to the NEW you, me, and everything else in between!

Here are my top new goals, attributes, and revelations for 2021!

  1. I am making an executive decision to be VERY consistent in all I do. I've revamped my planner's, calendar's, and desires to reflect ways to increase my consistency and enjoy doing it! I've decided NOT to focus on a routine or fitting the things I like into my schedule rather I make a list of things to -do and I work off my checklist to ensure it gets done rather setting a time to complete them. For example, I now wake up at 5am daily and begin my checklist. I say by 10am I need to complete xx task and I work towards those task. Before, I would carve out an hr to workout, an hr to complete charts, 30 minutes to complete emails etc. This was adding an increased amount of stress to my life because what happens when my emails have gone past 30 min? FREAKOUT!! I adjusted to time blocks instead of time slots.. It made a difference in my world.

  2. Transition time - I've begun to pace myself and fully transition my tasks. I wasn't allowing enough time to transition between task. It was completely throwing me for a loop. I would carry over anxiousness from each task to the next leaving me with all these empty feelings, anxiousness, and I became very irritable. I recently began pausing in between task and what a breath of fresh air. It allowed me to get my thoughts in order and focus on the task at hand clearly.

  3. I decided to do check-in's. Right, I realized that I adore simply checking in with my loved ones. I refuse to allow LIFE to pass me by.. SO, I stopped letting it do that. Time literally waits for nothing and no one. I refuse to be too busy - making money is important for my livelihood, but not at the expense of my inner love thermometer. Feeling love is about giving the love you seek! That has completely revamped my meters. Whether it's a phone call, text, or email - I just like to check in. It's so cool knowing and feeling loved. Dedicate time to the things that keep your cup overflowing.

  4. I decided to give myself a break. I really enjoy doing nothing some times.. So I simply started working in reverse. When I want to take a break - I take a break. That's it. If I want to sleep or nap, or eat, or run errands etc. I make a decision to do just that. Listen, it's imperative to allow yourself to be a human being. You have to work for yourself and work with yourself. You can't expect to go over and beyond for your clients and company if you can't even allow yourself to be anything other than a robot.

  5. Lastly, I prioritized my life in 5 areas. Jesus. Family. Career. People. Pleasure. I now treat everything I do and every decision I make around those 5 pillars in my world. It makes it much easier for me to make deciding factors when I can understand that if it's not advancing those 5 areas - It may not be for me! Simple.

Why make things hard? No need - life is complex enough. If we can learn to simplify, declutter, and invest in the end result - things will make more sense to us I believe. So again, I ask - what's new with you? What have you realized you need to make your life make more sense?


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