Working with KylaNicole! 

I must say Kyla delivers grade A professionalism. She's very knowledgeable about her craft and guides you through the process. She wants to make sure you are well equipped with all the information you need. She's open to questions and responds in a timely manner. She's very well organized and detail oriented, she's awesome to work with.


Kyla is so great to work with! She updated a company handbook and policies! She was able to condense the hard to understand former handbook to something that was easy to read and understand for all employees! We even were able to receive it in English and Spanish! She also implemented a new PTO program! She is extremely knowledgeable and has a quick turn around time! Highly recommend Kyla for your business handbooks, policies and procedures!

*Client - Gardens of Love *


First and foremost when I accepted my vision I ask God to send me a soul driven and intuitive publisher. One that can be professional, use there intuition, and allow God to use them. Not only did Kyla exceed my expectations but she has been a huge part of the From Grief to Grind movement. From start to finish I realized that Kyla is walking in her calling through publishing. Thank you so much Kyla🙂 

*Grief to Grind - Publishing Project*


Kyla Nicole is amazing! Her work and compassion for others is outstanding!

A. Devaron


Hi Kyla! 😊 Here is my review!

Kyla, I can’t thank you enough for reminding me to live authentically, be myself and relish in the fact that my experiences good and bad have made me the resilient, kind, loving, and determined person that I am. I have always thought that I’ve been lucky to attain the things I have and the milestones I’ve achieved. Your guidance and has shown me that it wasn’t luck at all. It’s who I am and have always been. Before I was born He set me apart and I know now more than ever that I don’t have to be afraid to be all of me. I don’t have to hold back who I am to be likable or to be accepted. Anyone who truly loves me appreciates my differences and my uniqueness.

We are walking testaments of the trauma that once was and the triumph that endures. I am no longer ashamed of my scars and willing to share my story in hopes I can helps someone else along the way. Thank you for helping me work through the trauma, recognize how it shows up in my life and encouraging me to continue to do the work to be who I want to be and no longer live as a victim of circumstance. You are sincere, open, empathetic and you challenge me to do the work to get the results I want. You are there every step of the way to walk me through and you always show grace for yourself and me through this process. 

  • Shana * coaching Client*