Can you imagine standing on a rug and have it being pulled from underneath you suddenly, at full force?


That's how 2013 was for me! My entire life changed suddenly. What was once a fairy tale turned into a personal nightmare.


In the course of 8 months; I'd experienced divorce, financial ruin, child separation, rape and homelessness. At 25, I thought my life was over. I picked up a pen and was inspired to write and through that, I discovered who I was and who I could become. Although broken at the time, I realized the more I shared the more it healed me and others. I gained strength during the process.


As I journeyed through my healing process I began to slowly reconnect and redefine Kyla. I realized I was not my circumstance and I set out to make impact. Using my skills and education I began to pave a way. In that single instance KylaNicole was birthed and now both a national and international brand. I've built a six figure brand making impact, building, educating businesses and helping those like me gain their voice back to rewrite their story.


While pursuing my passions, my purpose was revealed and I am a living testimony that you can improve your reality!

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